Around the houses

The charm of the wood at our home

Our apartments are hidden by a hill and if this may seem like bad luck it actually gives us the opportunity to witness the charm of the forest . Its nuances and reflections color the days and its grandeur gives a sense of protection that makes us feel safe. Surrounded by this magic we can hear the melodies of birds and all its inhabitants, which allow the heart to beat in complete synergy with the tranquility of the forest. Unpredictable is, see a roe deer running through the trees. Unpredictable is the dance of the sun and the moon with branches. Unpredictable is the arrival of fog or clouds that create a new painting before the eyes.

It is possible to witness this natural spectacle from the terrace or the veranda and so capture the essence of these magical moments. We can not wait to tell our guests the secrets of nature that surrounds us and suggest the most fascinating itineraries to observe it. Our most rewarding reward is to see their eyes filled with joy on their return from a day immersed in nature


Veranda, toy box, library

On colder days, the veranda offers a cozy place, where the older ones can enjoy the shy rays of the sun with a book in hand and the little ones play freely.


Playground, Playhouse

The outdoor reign of children, a universe forbidden to the greatest ones to unleash fantasy and transform nature into a game.


Meadow to relax

The place where you can leave daily stress far away, calmly enjoy the wood and forget what time it is.


Vegetable garden and aromatic plants

You can serve yourself in the traditional farmer's vegetable garden with vegetables and herbs. You will see that your dishes will take "the taste of rest".

We also offer

  • grill's fans can cook their favorite meat in a beautiful corner protected by a tree where they can also enjoy their food prepared with so much passion. Enjoy your meal!
  • Washing machine: the holiday is long and the bags too small? No problem! You can take advantage of our guest laundry.
  • Parking: every guest will find a comfortable parking for his car, his motorbike or a garage to put the bikes.
  • Free WLAN: enter our password and you will be online, but we guarantee a restful sleep so no WI-FI from 24.00 to 6.00.

In the immediate vicinity

there is a lot to discover

The Kneipp cure

Spa treatment designed by the German priest Sebastian Kneipp who rediscovered the therapeutic and healing effects of water applications The cure consists in applications of warm but primarily cold water through walking on naked foot along riverside cobblestone paths. The pools are immersed in the woods and their access is free. Located a few minutes from the center of Trodena may be the last stop of a long walk or the main destination for a day dedicated to relax.

Playground full of adventures

Just in front of the Kneipp path there is the playground of Trodena where there are only three words for children: "Ready, set,go! ... Slides, swings, towers for climbing (safe!), Space and clean air! who child can resist?

Center of the village

A few minutes you are in the square of Trodena. Small bars, shops and restaurants set in the characteristic alleys of the village.


Treat yourself to a bike ride on an e-bike, a unique, discreet and environmentally friendly way to discover the most hidden corners of the natural park.

Tennis courts

Our tennis court in the woods is far from the hustle and competition spirit. Do not you have tennis rackets? No problem! We have them ready for you.

Fitness path

Are you a running lover? Super! We have a path of 8 kilometers that crosses the forest, with soft and flat terrain

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