From the "Berghaus zur Alten Mühle" to the Gabrielli apartment

Already in the '60s and' 70s our two houses were full of life and movement as evidenced by the memories left by many school children in the guest book. Mother Annemaria cooked to schoolchildren in an original and tasty way. Pope Alois, a forest worker, was passionate about the construction and maintenance of houses. At the "Berghaus zur Alten Mühle", as the house was called at that time, also belonged a swimming pool near the stream.
The creativity and passion for the parents' guests was inherited and shared also by the two sons Hertha and Franz. The entry of  them in the management transforms the house for school groups into a small bed and breackfast. The numerous guests appreciate the vocation to hospitality and dedication to the work of the family but the main feature of the new B & B is a warming family atmosphere that reach every room.
The entry into the family of the little Roman, Laura and Tizian (sons of Franz and Lissy) further illuminated the house with a new vitality creating a unique atmosphere.

The passing of time, the attention to detail and the desire of making guests feel as they were at home have progressively transformed the rooms of the B & B into apartments. Entire residential units where guests can recreate their home environment and enjoy their stay with discretion and utmost tranquility. This change has determined the new and current name: "Gabrielli Apartments"

A moving story

from home for school groups to holiday apartments

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