Black or white, right or wrong: the world is too complicated to be understood.

For this reason, our vision is to live a place where you can ENJOY the moment without thinking too much, surrender to the complexity of things to enhance the moments of everyday life. Our forest and our mountains are the ideal setting to take a break from everyday life and immerse yourself in a simple universe of silence and beauty. We love to socialize in our country surrounded by mountains, converse with friends, enjoy the warm summer evenings in the company and participate actively in the life of the association. Short and small moments but at the same time intense that give meaning to a whole life. Giving precious value to every day is a principle we particularly care about and that we transmit to our guests with satisfaction.


Franz and Lissi, the bon vivants

When the weather and the family allow it, we take walks in the woods, hiking in the mountains and in winter we love to ski on the snowy slopes. Here we are calm and the world stops, even if for a short time, and with it the heartbeat slows down. Moments of rest that recharge us with energy for tomorrow's challenges.


Roman, the musician

Roman loves to relax after working with his guitar. You can hear it from your balcony and join him for a private concert


Laura, the poet

Laura has written Christmas poems for our guests for years. Here is a small example.

At night, in the middle of the foggy forest I have seen a tree.
The shape was frightening me.
It was deformed, odd-locking and terrifying.
Desperately I was trying,
to find the frightening moment’s end.
And suddenly, there arrived the dawn with its enlightenment.  
As I have realised, that the tree in its imperfection was not alone
I recognized something, I first have not known:
I restarted to breathe,
and the only feeling left behind was relief.


Tizian, the athlete

Tizian, the athlete of the family, grew up on the neighboring slopes. Now a ski instructor will be happy to provide you with a lesson if you want it in the ski school where he works.


Hertha, the gardener

When Hertha is not involved in mountain walks, she spends her free time in the garden. She loves his flowers and with them he creates colorful decorations that give magic to our home.

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